Exposing Bank Crime

FRCS was formed to assist thousands of ordinary investors who lost their money through what they were led to believe was bad luck. Many of these investors had their lives catastrophically destroyed.

FRCS engaged an expert team of lawyers, investigators, and an auditor, and instigated police investigations in several countries. Due to the high quality evidence supplied, the response by law enforcement was overwhelmingly positive - until the evidence against the bank was so strong that prosecution of the bank appeared inevitable. Then - when the evidence against the bank was strongest, when its guilt appeared certain, the investigation would be closed on some utterly unbelieveable pretext.

If the authorities had acted correctly on our evidence, world governments would have saved hundreds of billions of dollars. Countless victims would not have died, or had their mental or physical health destroyed, or lost their marriages. Millions of people would be productive and leading satisfying lives. Instead, criminals have been enriched and massive finances have been stolen from governments.

FRCS has taken this to international law enforcement and the bank at the highest level - but they have covered it up, betraying the people they owe their duty to. The reports were lodged with Judge Smith at the criminal sentencing of Credit Suisse and are available through PACER. Her response is sealed.

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The video below shows sworn testimony from Credit Suisse executives regarding the manipulation of billions of dollars of financial statements. The CEO and General Counsel Division were formally notified of a criminal organization inside their bank a year before the interview but they declined our offer of supporting evidence. Instead the crime was covered up while the bank's vicitms were dying.

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Blah, Blah, Blah – How Credit Suisse Wastes the Time of the People It Wants to Deceive from Paul Morjanoff on Vimeo.

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